Our Goal Then and Now Is to Provide Qualitative Transformers.

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We are manufacturers of quality transformers which are well
received in the market by highly reputed customers, we take utmost
care in maintaining high Quality of our products. Assisted by richly
experienced Electrical Engineers and skilled workers to Augment all
the activities, has infrastructure, Machinery Equipment and testing
Facilities with QA at all stage to manufacture Quality Transformers
with varied application, Specification and Configuration.

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Our Specialization

Special Transformers

In some of the power transformers, to be used in ups or drives, the requirement of percentage impedance is very specific. We manufacture, transformers in which, the requirement of percentage impedance is up to 15%. We also manufacture, transformers of low voltage and high current up to 1200amp.

Isolation/Power Transformers

We Manufacture dry type, low Voltage, Long Lasting, Power Transformers up to 350KVA

Inductors/Reactor/Chokes Transformers

Inductors are also called as reactors and also called as chokes

ATS Transformers

More torque and acceleration. Best for high capacity motors. Adjustment in starting torque, less stress on motor

Control Transformers

We manufacture, control transformers, by using bobbing and stampings of standard sizes.

Auto Transformers

We also manufacture, three phase auto transformers up to 500kva and single phase auto transformers up to 165kva.

Transformers with Cabinet

We also provide Transformers Boxed in Cabinet along with proper internal connection and provision of cooling fan we also provide switchgear as per customers Requirement.

Ultra Isolation Transformers

Double wound transformers with multiple shielding for reduction of capacitive coupling.

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